Carter Thomson for Trustee Wards 6&7

Education is at an important crossroads. Children must learn their basic skills. They must learn that to question everything will further their life skills. Having a dissenting opinion should not lead to sanctions. Not agreeing with group thinking should not lead to being cancelled. The Alberta government's plan to adopt the 2021 Draft Curriculum appears to me to have a shaky foundation. In my opinion much of it is not age appropriate. I feel it may set both our students and educators on a path to failure.

I will be a strong advocate to remove extra school fees!!

If elected I will do my utmost to ensure our kids have a balanced education to prepare them for the future which will be in their hands. I will be accountable to my constituents. I feel my many years in the service industry prepared me to serve as your public school trustee.

A bit about myself. My dad was posted to Germany and when he left the military he settled our soon to be growing family to Arnprior Ont. Here I would start kindergarten in 1964. My uncle, Eldon Anderson purchased the Claresholm Local Press in 1965. Our young family was moving to Claresholm as my father got a job at the paper. It was here I would have my grade 1 to grade 12 education. Little did I realize Corporal Punishment was not one of my dad's army buddies. It was surely a different world back then. Times have changed. My experiences were mostly positive. I truly loved to read and I was a paperboy for both the Claresholm Local Press as well as the Calgary Herald. I would devour all the news I could read. Shortly after graduating the wanderlust grabbed a hold of me. After a short stint in Lethbridge (which was way windier than Claresholm) I would move to my permanent home in Calgary . I really loved working in the service industry. During my 32 year stint with a local dairy I would see my 3 sons go to public schools. Add in a couple of stepdaughters and we were a pretty busy household. Our experiences with the educators in our lives was very positive. These kids are all grown up and now I have 5 grandchildren. I am very proud of all of them. I would be very honored to serve so I can assist our local school board.